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About eDivorce

eDivorce was founded in 2009 and is currently owned by Ashleigh Murray-Bates who acquired eDivorce in 2013.

eDivorce strives to provide an efficient and cost effective document - generating service utilising a technology platform that enhances service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Through eDivorce we are aiming to put the law back into the hands of the customer. Whilst divorces are not always amicable between two spouses, they can still be polite and civil. Hostile divorces are devastating to families and children involved. If divorcing couples can reach an agreement, they save their children the emotional trauma of a hostile, contested divorce.

Our vision at eDivorce is to allow spouses considering divorce, to obtain their own forms on-line without exorbitant legal fees and divorce legislation and literature that doesn't always make sense. We offer a discreet, private and inexpensive way to obtain the necessary divorce documentation. The information captured by eDivorce is kept confidential and will not be made available to third parties and is destroyed after a certain period of time. 

eDivorce is NOT a law firm and we do NOT provide legal advice. Because every divorce is different, it is impossible to draft generic documents and therefore each document is personally tailored according to the client's specifics. Documents not properly drafted can cost you a lot of time and money. We understand that a divorce is an emotional process and that emotions run high for all parties concerned and that you want the process to be finalised in the shortest possible period. However, emotions aside, divorce is not always a easy decision and rational decisions can’t be taken when you are emotional.